Care Info

Caring for your Nicole is Nicole ceramics

Every piece is made by hand therefore no two pieces will be identical. There will be subtle variations in the size, shape and colour of pieces and there may even be evidence of the making process such as lines left by my fingertips... that is the beauty of buying artisan ceramics.

Nicole is Nicole ceramics are made to be loved and used so below are a few tips for caring for your new pieces.

About your ceramics

The majority of my pieces are made from an Australian produced Stoneware clay which has a soft ivory colour although most of that is hidden under the glaze. Stoneware clay is fired at extremely high temperature, 1280 degrees Celsius, to produce a strong ceramic material that is ideal for making functional pieces like cups, bowls and spoons. When fired to this temperature Stoneware is vitreous meaning it is nonporous and will not soak up water.

Although the clay is strong and vitreous your pieces are still fragile and breakable. Take care with thin areas like the rims and handles of your pieces. Love your pieces and they will love you back.

All glazes used are food-safe.

Cleaning with Nicole

Because of the strong properties of this type of clay it is safe for you to clean them in a dishwasher but I recommend hand washing where possible, especially mugs with handles as handles can become damaged if they are banged. I recommend using natural/eco cleaning products as harsh chemical dish washing products may start to damage and dull the surface of the glaze over time.

Heating & cooling

Ceramics, like glass, will expand and contract with heating and cooling so never place your ceramics on a direct source of heat or subject them to sudden changes in temperature like placing in a preheated oven or from the oven into the fridge/freezer.

You can use your ceramics in the oven and microwave as long as care is taken to allow the pieces to heat and cool slowly and evenly.